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* More news about Michelle Taylor can be found on the News page found in the home bar at the top of this page together with a selection of other informative pages about Michelle. Simply click on the page name to be taken there.


Michelle recently received a phone call from a TV production company that creates and supplies TV programmes to a number of Swedens national TV channels. The company explained that they were interested in making a program/documentary of Michelle´s life/& career and wondered if she would she be interested.

They are now in a process of meetings.


Apart from her musical achievements, Michelle Taylor has become well known online in various Facebook groups etc due to her extensive knowledge of Blackstar & Gordon Smith products, and has since become "The person to ask" on the subject.

Michelle is also Admin in a number of groups including the very popular

Blackstar Amp Appreciation Group

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Guitarist Michelle Taylor with her Pedal Show t shirt and xmas greeting
Michelle Taylor playing a power chord
Michelle Taylor and her Blackstar Artist 15 amp

* Below are a few videos.

More videos of Michelle are available on the video page showing both her unusual technique and the gear that she uses in her performances.

Michelle has received official endorsements from Blackstar Amplification,  Gordon Smith Guitars,  Wampler Pedals,  Mad Professor Pedals,  Flattley Pedals, Ernie Ball, and Free The Tone.

As well as using her Blackstar amps and Gordon Smith guitars exclusively there are a number of other great brands wanting to support and endorse Michelle.  *Read more about it on both the News page & Gear page.

On the Feedback page you can read what fans and people in forums and groups have been saying about Michelle and the help and advice she often gives people.

Michelle Taylor with her Blackstar Artist

Michelle Taylor playing her Gordo Smith guitar and Blackstar Artist 15 amp
Michelle Taylor onstage with her band
A few of Michelle Taylors endorsers
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