Michelle is regularly in demand as a session player on live gigs for a number of bands/artists and so is often involved with a number of projects simultaneously, some of which you will find below together with other news.

Endorsements (2020)

Michelle´s profile and popularity is constantly growing due to her regular presence and contributions in a number of groups and forums online together with her regular live performances.

With having over 30 years experience in the business and a number of international tours in the bag, her reputation for having knowledge and hands on experience with a wide range of gear is well known and respected.

Together with her unusual "upside down" and "reversed strings" guitar playing technique, It makes Michelle a regular talking point among other players, and so naturally of a number of brands have contacted her and showed interest in her using their products.

The attention and compliments that Michelle quite often receives is always a little embarrasing to her as she is quite humble about her own playing abilities and limitations, but as she says...." I enjoy playing despite that".  

It´s important to mention that Michelle will only use products that she truly likes (and so probably already uses).

On a couple of occasions when offered "special deals" or free products from brands via an endorsement deal she has declined their kind offers.

At times Michelle even promotes products or companies that she feels deserves the attention even though she may not have any official endorsement with them.

Michelle is well known for her love and use of Blackstar amps (UK) and Gordon Smith Guitars (UK) and has used them exclusively for a number of years. Recently however she has agreed to endorse and promote a number of other products which she uses in her work.

Michelle always prefers whenever possible to use and promote UK brands (whether she has a deal with them or not ) but will also use products from other countries if she really likes them.

Michelle has for example used Graphtech (Canadian) guitar picks, nuts and saddles on her guitars for probably the last 6 years or so, and so was happy to have contact with them and help spread the word of their great products, and now she uses Graphtech nuts, saddles, picks and the new Graphtech Ratio tuners.

Michelle became an endorsed artist for Free The Tone pedals in 2019. She loved the pedals after hearing one of her favorite guitarists (Matt Schofield) use them. Shortly afterwards she was using them on her main pedalboard and is now on the same webpage as her hero (which Michelle finds very cool) on the Free The Tone official website under the endorsed artist heading, 

When contacted by Boutique custom pedal builder Paul Flattley of  Flattley pedals  (UK) Michelle was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work together with him on a number of new pedal designs which will be released in the near future as a "MT Signature series".

When introduced to Switchpicks (UK) a unique 3 sided multi use pick, she quickly saw its value in studios with swapping from electric guitars to acoustic guitars.


Elmelid Musik is the shop in southern Sweden where Michelle buys all her equipment.

According to Michelle there isnt a more knowledgeable, helpful or friendly shop in the country.

Michelle is asked to join the Blues 48 Band

Michelle was asked to join the Blues 48 Band and has decided to session with them on a

number of future gigs.

* A video of their first rehearsal  with Michelle is on youtube.

Michelle is asked to join the Country Band Station West

Michelle was asked to join the country band station west and will session with them on a

number of future gigs

Michelle Joins Sigvard

Michelle was recently asked to be a part of the Sigvard project and has begun rehearsals with them.

Sigvard have recently released tracks on Spotify and have appeared on a number of music festivals.

At this moment Sigvard are receiving quite a bit of interest to perform internationally and Michelle will session with them.

Michelle is asked to join Backwood

Michelle was recently asked to be part of "Backwood".

Backwood is a popular local band in the south of Sweden which was formed by Patrik Dunmar on vocals, acoustic, & slide guitar. 

Backwood perform as a duo, trio and full band and have asked Michelle if she would be interested to add her talents on guitar. 

Michelle will be appearing together with Backwood on occasion and session with them on their future gigs. She will still continue to work with other artists/bands as well as her own projects .

Blackstar & Gordon Smith

Michelle is well known for her passion for Blackstar amplification.

After 30 years in the music business and having owned and used probably all of the brands available Michelle discovered Blackstar and has continued to use them ever since.

Michelle is often heard saying that in her opinion and experience their tone, versatility, reliability and innovation are superior to other brands. 

Michelle has now discovered another piece of equipment which she uses on a permanent basis....

a custom handcrafted Gordon Smith guitar. This stunning guitar was custom made for her at the Gordon Smith factory in the UK.

Since getting the guitar Michelle loved it so much that she has already ordered a second guitar as she wants to have a Gordon Smith "back up guitar" onstage instead of her Gibsons etc, but unfortunately for Michelle... with a handmade guitar she will have to wait approximately 4 months before getting her hands on it!

A Michelle Documentary

Michelle has been approached by a TV Production company that creates and supplies programs for a number of Swedens national TV channels. The production company are interested in making a program ( documentary ) about Michelle´s life and career in the music industry. 

Michelle has agreed to the project and is at the moment in a series of meetings with the company to agree on details surrounding the project.

The company have already recorded a short interview with Michelle with the idea of creating a rough demo of their ideas to present to her.

Surprised Onstage


In 2014 Michelle was on tour with her show and performing in many of the theaters and concert houses throughout Sweden. In the middle of the show and between songs a gentleman got up onstage, congratulated her, and presented Michelle with a diploma and explaining that she has been inducted into the Swedish Nostalgia Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Its was a total surprise to Michelle and the audience that evening, but her manager and her band had apparently known about it for some time and kept the secret.

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