Michelle Taylor has been a professional artist and session musician since the age of 11 years old, and has toured in various shows throughout Europe during her long and successful musical career.

Starting as a session drummer during the 80`s she eventually moved over to guitar as her main instrument during the 90´s and simultaneously added vocals.

Since then, this award winning artist has had a number of musical careers simultaneously and appeared in a multitude of theaters, concert houses and city halls throughout Sweden with her very successful shows.

Michelle was even inducted into the Swedish Nostalgia Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

As a session musician, over the years Michelle has played for a number of both local and international artists and still continues to do so, adding her unusual style of guitar playing to various live band performances. 

During the 80´s and 90´s Michelle was often found touring Europe with various artists as part of a tours backing band, and had the pleasure or meeting and working with a number of other talented session musicians.​​

Today Michelle continues to perform live with her own full band while touring with her very successful theater show.

When she is not on tour Michelle also performs at smaller venues playing various styles of music with her trio, duo, and at times even as a solo performer together with backing tracks.

Michelle is also a member of a number of other gigging bands and continues to do session work too with these and others.

Even with this busy schedule Michelle still finds time to run a number of popular online FB groups on the subject of Blackstar Amplification & Gordon Smith/Auden handmade guitars and has quickly become "The person to ask" on these subjects.

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