The Michelle Taylor Blues Band  consists of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboards and offers a wide range of both new and old.

Michelle´s unorthodox guitar style really comes to the forefront with her unusual combination of bluesy licks and chicken picking together with velvety baritone vocals!

Michelle Taylor

When appearing as a solo artist, duo or trio, Michelle plays a wide range of musical styles, everything from country and pop to rock.

Below are just a few of the artists/bands that Michelle performs songs by.

Dire Straits

The Eagles

The Doobie Brothers

Stevie Wonder

Robben Ford

Chris Rea

Eric Clapton

Vince Gill

Willie Nelson


The Pretenders

Elvis Presley

The Searchers

Alayna Miles

Fleetwood Mac

and many more.....

A Musical Journey In Time, with


Michelle Taylor together with  "Back To The Past"  Trio members Sven Bornemark (Keyboards, Bass & Vocals) and Anders Sandström (Drums & Vocals) play a wide selecion of music styles during a performance.


An evening with Michelle and "Back To The Past" is like stepping back in time and hearing many of the hit records from yesterday.

The performance has a wide range of styles from pop, rock and soul, to country and blues, and contains hits from the 50´s-60´s-70´s-80´s-90´s and more, so there is always something you know!

Michelle also performs as a Duo together with Sven Bornemark (Keyboards) where Sven also steps forward to share lead vocals and perform songs in swedish.

As a solo performer in smaller venues Michelle also performs the same wide selection of music together with custom made backing tracks with drums, bass, keyboards etc accompanied by Michelle´s live vocals and amazing live guitar playing.

Whether its slow blues to fast country picking, Michelle´s fingers have the music in them while playing somngs from artists such as The Eagles, The Dire Straits,  Prince,  Vince Gill,  Elvis Presley,  Eric Clapton, and more..

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