Michelle has a wide range of professional gear available to her for her rehearsals, session work and live gigs etc. Here are just some of the items that Michelle will use regularly in her performances whenever she is not using a  PA hire companies services etc.

PA System

The MAUI 28 G2 PA system used by Michelle is equipped with two 8" woofers, sixteen 3" full-range speakers and two 1" neodymium HF drivers. They are driven by a light Class-D power amplifier with an enormous 2,000 watts peak power and produce warm bass, balanced mids and precise and silky highs.

Michelle uses 2 of these systems in her live work.

The DynX® DSP technology from LD Systems provides a top-class performance every time and the highest level of freedom from distortion. It includes a multiband limiter which protects against overloading, an EQ, a compressor and a 3-way crossover with run time correction.

The design of the MAUI 28 G2 achieves a longer range, increased resistance to feedback and a wider space coverage.

The wave guide of the tweeters has been developed using the Boundary Element Method (BEM), a numerical simulation of the sound radiation and dispersion.

It reduces reflections from the floor and ceiling and prevents sidelobe levels and thus achieves an homogeneous dispersion.

Your audience hears you in the back row just as clearly as in the front.

PA Mixer

  • 16-Channel Mixing Console

  • Max. 10 Mic / 16 Line Inputs (8 mono + 4 stereo)

  • 4 GROUP Buses + 1 Stereo Bus

  • 4 AUX (incl. FX)

  • “D-PRE” mic preamps with an inverted Darlington circuit

  • 1-Knob compressors

  • High-grade effects: SPX with 24 programs

  • 24-bit/192kHz 2in/2out USB Audio functions

  • PAD switch on mono inputs

  • +48V phantom power

  • XLR balanced outputs

  • Internal universal power supply for world-wide use

Vocal Effects

Together with an Shure SM58 microphone, Michelle uses a TC Helicon studio quality vocal processor for reverb and live vocal harmonies. 

This unit also has legendary guitar effect styles from TC ELECTRONIC such as Flashback Delay, Hall of Fame Reverb, Corona Chorus and Vortex Flanger TonePrint pedals together with Compression, Detune, Tremolo, Distortion, Overdrive, together with a number of premium amp emulations, all of which serve as a great “back up system” incase Michelle´s usual guitar gear ever becomes moody during a live performance.

Guitar Amps

Michelle is well known for her love of Blackstar Amplification and uses them exclusively in her performances.

Blackstar ID260TVP

The Blackstar ID260TVP is a big favourite with Michelle and is one of the amps that she uses a lot when doing sessions or when performing under her own name.

The Blackstar ID260TVP is a 2x 60watt stereo amplifier with 2 x 12" speakers and onboard multieffects in superwide stereo.

The amp is both incredibly powerful and very versatile, and is suitable for all kinds of music.

The secret to the ID260TVP amplifiers great tone is its TVP section which can authentically replicate the sound, feel, sag and dynamics of a number of  valve types by simply selecting a valve of choice on the front panel.

Michelle uses this amp for everything from crystal clean Country sounds to both Blues and Rock.

The Blackstar Artist 30 is another favourite used by Michelle on her gigs.

The Artist 30 is a 30 watt 2 x 12" low gain valve amp which has been specially designed to to take effect pedals extremely well.

The Artist 30 offers warm Jazz tones and glassy Country and Blues tone`s but without the usual Fender harshness, and can be kicked into overdrive by adding pedals in the front or via the effects loop.

Just a few of the names using the Artist 30 are..

* Waddy Watchtel

(top session player with Everly Brothers, Jackson Browne, Kim Carnes,   Bob Dylan, Bryan Ferry, Don Henley, Carole King,  John Mayer,  Randy Newman, Iggy Pop, Bonnie Raitt, Keith Richards, Bob Seger, Carly Simon, The Rolling Stones, James Taylor, and Tom Waits to name just a few).

Blackstar Artist 30

*Ted Nugent.   Warren Haynes ( The Allman Brothers) .  Jared James Nichols.   Billy Gibbons.   Chris Buck.

Blackstar Limited Edition Anniversary Artist AE 10w

In celebration of 10 years of brilliant Blackstar tone, a limited edition 10W single-ended Artist valve amplifier was released.

Michelle started using this amp on a few smaller gigs and in the studio and is similar to its big brother (The Artist 30).  Michelle grew to like it so much and enjoyed having a smaller amp to carry around that she started to use it as her main performance amp together with a pedalboard. Michelle even bought a second Artist 10AE to run together or have as a back up.


The Artist 10 AE deploys a 6L6 output valve and an ECC83 in the preamp stage to give the amp a characteristically bright clean and yet not harsh tone.

The lead sounds are enhanced by a built-in overdrive circuit inspired by Blackstar HT-Drive pedal.

As with the Artist 30 the amp is great for everything from Jazz and Country to Rock and more.

Blackstar HT40

Blackstar have decades of valve amp design experience behind them, and in the HT40 they have combined the response and character of the classic British EL34 driven power amplifier with punch and dynamics, together with Blackstar´s patented ISF, to offer some of the most flexible, toneful and versatile valve amps available.


The HT40 is another of the Blackstar range that Michelle will use at times when performing.

The HT40 is great for everything from studio work and gigging in front of a small crowd, to playing to an audience of thousands.

Other Blackstar Amps

A number of other Blackstar amps that Michelle will use in rehearsals and practice are the following...

The ID100HP

The HT5R

The ID Core 20V2

The Limited Edition Fly


During her long career Michelle has owned pretty much most brands of guitar over the years, and over time she had built up quite a collection.

Since that time she has decided to keep just a handful of her favourites which you will see below.

This is Michelle´s handmade custom Gordon Smith guitar. 

(What she jokingly likes to call the "Michelle Taylor Signature Model"), as it was custom designed for her by the craftsmen at Gordon Smith Guitars UK.  This stunning guitar has replaced all her other guitars and has become her main instrument.

(Gordon Smith are the UKs longest running electric guitar manufacturer and are often hailed to be as the famous american made Gibson brand used to be at their peak in terms of top quality handmade premium instruments).


All Gordon Smith guitars are handcrafted in their workshop in Northamptonshire England,  and are amongst the top-rated manufacturers in the use of sustainable woods in guitar building.

Every guitar is handcrafted from raw timber in their CNC free workshop and they even wind and pot their own custom pick ups too.

Gordon Smith guitars have appeared in thousands of venues from pubs and clubs to stadiums and arenas for over 40 years! ( Among many others you often see Iggy Pops guitarist “Ken Armstrong” using them ).

"Michelle Taylor Signature Model"

Michelle`s handmade Gordon Smith Guitar

Check out a video of Michelle´s Gordon Smith guitar here...

1996 MIK Epiphone Les Paul

"Lady Maria"

As you will see below, Michelle has a number of guitars that she can use on live gigs and tours etc, However until the arrival of Michelle´s Gordon Smith guitar above, it tended to be the same "favourite" that was always chosen as her main instrument.

Michelle´s guitar of choice was always her Desert Burst  Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar named "Lady Maria".

Michelle has had ( and still has a number of top quality guitars such as Gibsons and Fenders etc and a number of custom guitars specially made for her) however out of them all she always preferred "Lady Maria".

This guitar has been customised throughout and is set up specially for Michelle by her guitar tech Per Andersson of www.sö

People often found it strange to see Michelle use an Epiphone when she has Gibsons and Fenders behind her onstage as "Back Up guitars" incase of string breaks etc, but as she explains..."This particular Epi is highly customized specially for me and is simply a better guitar".

There was however one part of the guitar that Michelle disliked....The headstock...

and so that was even customized too.

"Lady Maria" is a 1996 Epiphone Les Paul in Desert Burst which was made at the Samick factory in Korea under license of Gibson guitars.

Here´s just a few of the other guitars Michelle owns or has owned in the past 

Gibson Goldtop Les Paul

Custom Högberg Tele

Limited Edition Custom Ibanez Artist 

Custom Strat

Fender Custom with B Bender

CST24 Paradise Flame

Tom Mates Custom Tele

1997 MIK Custom Epi 

When using her Blackstar ID260TVP Michelle simply uses the onboard multi effects which are in superwide stereo.

However, when using one of the other amps Michelle uses a wide range of effects and some are pictured below.

Michelle`s Main Pedalboard

Michelle has a number of different pedals for different effects/tones etc on her main pedalboard.

Her personal favourites are the Mad Professor ""Royal Blue" Overdrive,   Free The Tone "Red Jasper" Overdrive,   Rockett "Blue Note" Overdrive, Mad Professor "Deep Blue" Delay,  Xotic SP Compressor,   Cry Babay Mini Wah,   Ibanez Mini Tuner.​

On Michelle´s pedalboard there is also a multi effect unit called the "Cerberus" which is there as a back up pedalboard incase of problems with her main pedals while in the middle of a performance and can also be used as a Cab Sim to go direct into a PA should there ever be problems with her amp.


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